SCIENCE HACK DAY 2019, 6th Edition, 08-09 and 10 November 2019 Antananarivo ,Madagascar

SHD 08,09 et 10 Novembre 2019

Science Hack Day is a contest, based on science, about 48 hours non-stop,for Antananarivo,Madagascar. It starts on a Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday after a jury session composed of collaborators and representatives of the partners.SHD is for students,teachers or everyone who have an idea of project and want to show it in public.

Science Hack Day is a moment to encourages creators, inventors or idea initiators to have the opportunity to present their work. Then the National Center of Research will accompany them for the implementation, support and exploitation of their project.

Science Hack Day is organised where Participants create a group of 2 to 4 individuals according to their choice. The group is created during the first evening of Friday, the first day (day ONE (1) on 48hours) of the SHD. The composition varies according to the choice of grouped participants.